War of roskyae

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

Roskyae is a four-player strategic board game, with 2v2 combat. Playing as any of the 6 characters, players must strategize with each other and use their cards and position to overcome the opponents. This is an independent project I developed with a focus on systems, map, and characters. 

I used an assortment of tools to develop this project: Excel, Word, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.



  • Researched similar experiences in games find what would be successful and unsuccessful in this project.

  • Tested constantly through development to find what aspects needed focus

  • Analyzed the engagement and tension points of the characters and team compositions in the game

  • Produced and Designed functional components to amplify the gameplay

  • Created the templates for the cards and character sheets


  • Tailored a map specifically with the characters in mind

  • Planned an experience around the map to focus on the interactions between team members and their opponents


  • Produced a rulebook to show and describe how the game is played

  • Balanced all aspects of the game, from characters to the team values to the map

  • Charted the individual mechanical differences between the characters


  • Developed unique characters, backstories, abilities, and their statistics