Temple of Kaja

Apr 2017 - May 2017 

This was my introductory 3D level design project. Utilizing spatial archetypes and traditional composition techniques, I designed a snowy mountain top level. The player adventures through the level, starting at their ice-cave camp all the way to the temple at the top. They can explore the level, uncovering mysterious globes and collecting keys to unlock magical gates. 

Temple of Kaja was a half-semester independent project, using Unity3D and Maya. The audio utilized Sonniss GDC packs and I edited them in Audacity.




  • Organized a strict production plan to follow for the time I had to develop the project

  • Planned an experience around the map to focus on the interactions between team members and their opponents

  • Utilized composition techniques and spatial archetypes to create memorable moments and guide the player through the level

  • Iterated the level design after thorough playtesting throughout production