Team Projects

Sep 2018 - Present

Takowana County

Unreal Engine 4

A first-person suspenseful narrative exploration game with a horror atmosphere and mystery solving developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Sep 2017 - Apr 2018

Juice Bowl Jamboree

Unreal Engine 4 | Unity3D

A third-person melee boss brawler set in a morphing arena. Mechanics were rapid-prototyped using Unity3D then finalized in Unreal Engine 4.

April 2017

Arena of Riches

Axure RP | Adobe Suite

Focusing on user profiles and user interface, this team project is the golden path and mock-ups for a complex mobile phone game.

Sep 2016 - Apr 2017


Custom C++ Engine | Adobe Suite

A procedurally-generated dungeon crawler, where the player reflects incoming projectiles as they explore ruins of a lab uncovering hints on the past.