December 2017

In the abyss of space, you are strapped into a Manned Maneuvering Unit and exploring a seemingly abandoned space station. This project is less of a game and more of a controller study. I wanted to create a completely immersive experience that mimicked what a player would think space would be like. However, the controller still needed to be intuitive and fun. 

This was an independent project in Unity3D. I utilized the NASA assets in Unity’s asset store for the models and edited some of the audio from it and Sonniss GDC pack as well. The focus for this project was the controller and making a kinesthetic experience for the player.



  • Researched similar experiences in games and videos to find what would be successful and unsuccessful in this project.

  • Tested constantly through development to find what aspects needed focus

  • Developed the character controller

  • Implemented audio feedback for events like rolling, movement, and looking

  • Balanced the controller to play between feeling in control and the unforgiving weightlessness of space