Sep 2016 - Apr 2017

Odium is a single player, top-down dungeon crawler. The player explores a destroyed lab, uncovering information on the history of the lab and its destruction. The player’s only way to fight is with their shield. As they get deeper into the lab, they encounter more enemies that shoot projectiles at them. These projectiles can be reflected using the shield. 

This project was developed in a custom engine over the course of 2 semesters. I worked with a team of 9 other individuals including artists, audio designers, and tech developers. Some of the tools we used were Photoshop, InDesign, and Spine: 2D.




  • Developed game design documents to guide the team in a cohesive direction for the game

  • Maintained frequent communication channels between design, art, audio, and tech

  • Mediated team meetings

  • Organized and edited a trailer to promote our game


  • Established guides and rules for the procedural generation and room shapes

  • Created a document containing the rooms to be produced with their purposes for the team to utilize


  • Tested constantly through development to find what aspects needed focus

  • Implemented visual feedback for major and minor events

  • Analyzed similar games to find what elements were successful and unsuccessful

  • Mocked up low-fidelity screens for game HUD and menus


  • Designed player and enemy combat patterns

  • Balanced player and enemy values using Excel