My Story

My name is Amber Stephens. I am a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology,  graduating in Spring 2019 with my BA in Game Design. I also have an Associates Degree in General Studies from Tacoma Community College.

There are a lot of cheesy and cliche things I can say about how games have affected my life: mysteriously making 6 hours feel like nothing, giving me worlds and universes to dive deep into, and even bringing me closer to friends and family. But I have to say that my favorite part of games is the industry it has led me to. I have never felt more immersed in my work than when I am involved in game development. The people surrounding me, sharing this pure passion for a project fuels my want to grow as a designer.

Recently I have found that my interests and skills are leading me towards both Level & Encounter design, but I love designing in general. I have been utilizing Unity3D and UE4 for my projects to rapidly expand my skills in developing and designing simultaneously. It is incredible bringing together so many parts of a project and presenting it as a cohesive experience to the user.

I am looking forward to continuing this journey and the experiences I will gain from following this path, wherever it may lead. In 2015 I was completely green, with no experience in game development. But I have been so warmly welcomed by people who are always eager to share their wealth of experience. It truly makes me feel that I will be able to achieve my goals, even if some take longer than others.

The best part about all of this: