Juice Bowl Jamboree

Sep 2017 - Apr 2018

Juice Bowl Jamboree is a single player boss brawler with third-person melee combat, abilities, and a shifting arena. This project is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 with an eight member team consisting of designers, artists, sound designers, and programmers.


Juice Bowl Jamboree Trailer


Main menu prototype developed in Unity3D

UI prototype developed in Unity3D

Game Director

  • Established a cohesive direction linking game design, art, audio, and tech

  • Developed game design documents to guide the game’s path and production

  • Sustained communication between all members of the team to


  • Explored techniques to create a changing arena efficiently

  • Planned the level phases and iterated upon them after playtesting

  • Used Photoshop and Maya to block out the level and export to UE4


  • Created mock-ups for the User Interface from the menus to the in-game HUD

  • Planned the arc of the game starting at splash screens to the win/lose conditions in Axure

  • Prototyped the game HUD and menus in Unity3D and UE4


  • Planned the melee system and abilities for player and boss

  • Balanced the player and boss attacks to create tension and engagement